Sandler talks about the following topics, sometimes combining one or two of the following topics, with variations on the different themes:

   The Chilly Climate for Women in the Classroom: How Even the Best of Faculty Members Often Inadvertently Treat Men and Women Students Differently.  (A longer workshop aimed at faculty typically includes role playing and effective teaching techniques.)

   The Chilly Climate for Women Faculty, Administrators, and Students

   Warming up the Chilly Climate for Women: Institutional and Individual Strategies

   Women at Work in the Classroom: Why It Still Hurts To Be a Woman in Labor, or How Women Faculty Members Are Treated Differently Than Male Faculty Members By Students

   Is Evaluation Fair to Women Faculty Members: How Women May Be Evaluated More Harshly by Their Colleagues and Students

   Is Georgie Porgie (of pudding and pie) A Sexual Harasser?: The Exploding Issue of Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment

   The Ten Commandments of Mentoring

   We've Come A Long Way, Baby, But Not Quite Far Enough: Progress and Problems of Women in Higher Education

   The Chilly Climate For Women in Science

   Sexual Harassment: These Are Times That Try Men's Souls. (This topic has many variations depending on the audience, such as a general training session; trends and new developments in the law and at other campuses;  what people need to know and what to do about sexual harassment;  what constitutes a good policy, student-to-student harassment on campus and in K-12., etc.

   Why Campus Sexual Assault Continues To Be An Issue, Including Ten Reasons Why You Need to Ask Your Partner For Consent to Sexual Activity

   The Untold Story of Title IX: How We Got It When No One was Looking

   Success and Survival Strategies for Women Faculty Members

   Moving the Unmoveable: Strategies for Institutional Change

In addition to major speeches, Sandler also does smaller workshops, training sessions and meetings while on campus. She often meets with various groups of administrators, faculty, staff and students for smaller presentations and workshops, giving one or two major speeches and sometimes meeting with a class. For example, she conducts workshops (2-3 hours) with faculty members about the chilly classroom climate, how to maximize women's classroom participation, and effective teaching techniques. She conducts sexual harassment training and workshops for administrators, faculty, staff, and students including training for student life personnel around issues of student-to-student harassment. Sandler also consults about institutional policy issues and strategies for dealing with specific issues involving women.

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Bernice R. Sandler, Senior Scholar in Residence at the Women's Research and Education Institute, consults extensively with institutions and others about women's equity, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and the chilly climate. She has given over 2000 presentations, written many articles, and serves as an expert witness in discrimination cases. Sandler can be contacted at:

Bernice R. Sandler
Senior Scholar, Women's Research and Education Institute
1350 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202 833 3331   Fax: 202 785 5605