Campus sexual assault in a common problem with some estimates suggesting that one out of every four female students is sexually assaulted by someone she knows. This section includes advice on how to avoid situations that might lead to rape, and issues involved in campus gang rape.


FRIENDS RAPING FRIENDS: COULD IT HAPPEN TO YOU? -- This landmark paper, aimed at students,  discusses date rape, how it happens, how it appears to both parties, and what its impact is. Includes 30 recommendations to avoid situations that might lead to date rape. Other sections describe what to do if you are raped,  and 15 recommendations for how family and friends can help.  Also includes a section called "Real Men  Don't Rape."

CAMPUS GANG RAPE -- This first report on campus gang rape describes what it is and how it occurs, and includes about 100 recommendations to help administrators deal with it when it occurs and how to prevent it. Most of the recommendations are appropriate for individual sexual assaults as well.

TEN REASONS TO OBTAIN VERBAL CONSENT FOR SEX -- If anyone really needs reasons, here they are.

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